About SoCal Machinery

Our Story: About SCM

SoCalMachinery.com was established in April of 2007 to provide the woodworking industry with a source to buy and sell affordable used machinery.  Along with a source to buy and sell used machinery we are proud to  provide the industry with valuable local resources to help you become more successful.  Thanks for your interest in SoCalMachinery.com.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service available and take tremendous pride providing you with a source to Buy and Sell affordable used machinery & more!

Why Buy on SoCal Machinery?

Buying used machinery on SoCal Machinery is free and easy. No signups, forms or email addresses required. We have hundreds of local used woodworking machinery listings, many with full color photographs and videos. SoCalMachinery.com does not take a profit or commission from the sale of machinery. We publish all of the sellers contact information, putting you in complete control. When you work with the seller directly, you can even try machines before buying so you are 100% confident it meets your expectations and has the features you’re looking for.

Why Sell on SoCal Machinery?

Since 2007 SoCalMachinery.com has been advertising and promoting used machinery listings across Southern California and beyond. Our marketing and promotions of your listings will often include: advertisements in popular woodworking magazines, industry websites, indexing by popular search engines, trade shows, direct mail materials and by solicitation of local businesses in person! Unlike other general auction or selling websites, SoCalMachinery.com has been designed from the ground up for woodworkers by woodworkers, and listings contain clear and accurate information without the filler or fluff. No middleman or high broker/commission fees. We will not inflate the selling price or take a percentage of your profit. You KEEP THE PROFITS and you determine/negotiate the selling price. As a result, machinery is sold at a fair market value making it more attractive to potential buyers. When your machinery is listed it is immediately emailed to potential buyers who have registered their email address with us. Have you registered your email yet? For a small fee you can now sell the machinery you have collecting dust and post it for thousands to see. There maybe someone close to you eager to buy the machine you have to sell. Machinery Dealers from around the country frequent SoCalMachinery.com to look for the best deals on the highest quality used woodworking machinery. Listing machinery online is Quick and Easy!

Here are just a few of our used woodworking machinery listing categories:

Why Advertise on SoCal Machinery?

SoCalMachinery.com takes tremendous pride in providing a source to help the woodworking industry network. Along with providing a source to buy and sell used machinery we strive to promote and expose products, services and business that can help woodworkers become more successful. SoCalMachinery.com is frequented daily by new and repeat viewers from around the country. Contact us today at 619-462-0921 about internet or direct mail advertising today!

SoCal Machinery FAQs?

At SoCalMachinery.com our objective is to make your experience with us as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We have successfully been in business providing a source for woodworkers to affordably buy and sell used machinery since 2007. Whether you’re listing your machinery for sale, viewing machinery listings, or obtaining information from featured advertisers we thank your for visiting and hope the information below helps answer your question/s.

How long is my machine listed for? Machinery is listed for 6 months from date posted or until sold. It is in our best interest to help your machinery sell and we do our best to advertise and market listed machinery.

What do I do when my machine sells? Take your money to the bank and contact us so we can remove your listing.

How much does it cost to list my machine? $25 per machine listed. This is less than $9 per month to advertise and showcase your machinery direct to the woodworking market. Your listing is also emailed to our large database of potential buyers when your listing is posted.

How do I know when the perfect machine I’m looking to buy is posted? Register your email address with us and you will be notified when new machines are posted. Click here to register your email address with us!

How do I provide a picture of my machine? The easiest way to provide pictures is to email them to us. You will be instructed on how to go about providing pictures when selling your machinery.

Do I have to provide a picture of the machine I’m selling? No, but the odds of selling your machine drastically increases with a picture.

How much does it cost to alter my listing once it’s posted? Nothing! Contact us via email or phone to alter your listing.

How much is my machine worth and how much should I sell it for? If you need advise and help with the value please contact us.

How fast will my listed machinery sell? Many machines have sold in less than 24 hours.